Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Work Running Group

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon, and that it hasn’t been too tough on all of your coming back from a long weekend ;)


We finally did it! 

After a couple of weeks hiatus, my lunchtime ladies running group made it out at lunch for a nice little run.

It’s crazy to think that we actually ran in two provinces this afternoon – a bit of a mind twist, isn’t it?!

I thankfully had a mini sunscreen bottle stashed away in my purse, for sunny days like today.

 Gotta save the money-maker. Just kidding, my beautymark-prone face ;)

 Post-run selfie


I came back to a bit of a random lunch today.

We need groceries. Desperately.

I threw some garden lettuce, feta and veggie paté together, and made a snack of cottage cheese (YUM!) and grapes for a bit of pre-run fuel. Rounded out with a juicy peach ;)

Well, I plan to take it easy tonight – it seems like I’ve been on the go for...ever! It will be nice to have a bit of a low-key night, with no plans, to re-group a bit and prep some stuff for the rest of the week and get ready for my trip :)

Today’s inspiration:

I always love hearing about other people’s road to finding fitness. I will post my own story one of these days...its a daunting task! But eventually I will get the courage to do it ;)

Have a great evening! Any fun plans for tonight??


  1. That's awesome that you got a run in during the work- wish my job allowed for that!

    1. I find I am able to sneak it in about once or twice a week. We only go out for half an hour, and then I eat my lunch at my desk to make up for it.