Friday, 2 August 2013


Basil Hummus

Happy Friday!

I had a bit of a lazy night, my Dad ended up getting stuck in crazy amounts of traffic on his way from London, so they didn't make it to our place until pretty late. Andrew (my boyf) made a wonderful salade nicoise with boiled eggs, beans from the garden(!!), tuna, fresh arugula and lettuce. Scrumptious.

Obvi I forgot to take a picture. Baby steps ;)

Anywho, once the gang arrived, we hung out for a couple of hours chatting away before I realized that it was WAY past my bedtime and scurried off to bed. So glad to have them stay for a quick little visit!! It never seems like long enough!

Breakfast and Workout

I threw together a quick protein pancake for breaky this morning - I'll post about these soon! They have become my go-to quick breakfast meal. I topped mine this morning with frozen raspberries and a bit of maple syrup.

Again, not the best pic, but I'll work on this whole 'remember to take a picture in good lighting and before dunking your cutlery in the syrup and before scarfing it all down'. It's tricky!

Since the fam is over today - Andrew is entertaining them for the day since he is on summer vacay, gotta love Quebec's construction holiday - I want to get a good run in at lunch so I don't have to worry about it tonight and just relax and catch up with my Popster and the kiddos :)

Also, my 'little' bro Lukas is going for a tour of Ottawa U today - he is attending in the fall. YAY!! I'm so excited to have him living close by soon soon, although he will probs get wrapped up in university *ahem* party life...but I will clearly force him to hang out with his older sister often enough! Teehee

Basil Hummus

Okay, so I’m a huge hummus fan. My family has been dedicated MidEast shoppers since I can remember, and frequently have Middle Eastern themed (or what we believe to be Middle East cuisine) dinners all the time. This involves copious amounts of Greek salad (I know, I know, Greece is in the Mediterranean…work with me here people!), feta, black olives, fresh pita bread – when this comes home still warm, I die – spiced chicken, tzatziki, tabouleh, zataar bread…oh man, my mouth it watering just thinking about it all. 

But back to business. I am eternally on the search for the best hummus recipe, and when I made my first batch of this basil hummus, I was instantly hooked!

[Also, as a side note, my boyf would literally eat a bucket of hummus a day if I let him. I actually need to give him rations of hummus otherwise he will eat a whole batch in a day. Would you like a side of carrot with that mountaineous dollop of hummus?? Mmmhmm]

So, here it is folks. Enjoy with a side of pita bread, cut veggies, or a spoon ;)

Basil Hummus

I don’t remember where I got this from…I don’t take the credit for this genius!

1 cup chickpeas (1 can of chickpeas)
3 garlic cloves
1 handful basil leaves
2 tablespoons tahini sauce
1 lemon, juiced
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup water

Put everything in the food processor, and blend ‘er up!

Photo and Recipe Credit

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