Friday, 16 August 2013


Sneaky Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy I know <3

 I wish I could be there to help celebrate this special day, but since I’m not able to be...I left a few surprises for him to find (well, for me to tell him where to find them). I even made sure that he wouldn't by chance see this post, so it will launch after I've told him about his surprise!!

Sneaky Birthday Surprise

Since I’m not able to be there on Andrew’s bday morning, I decided to leave him a little something special.

I am the master of pancakes at our place (whereas he makes a MEAN omelet and, well, pretty much everything else), so I wanted it to seem like I was there even though I wasn’t.

So, I pre-prepared a pancake mix, and even hid the butter and milk – pre-measured – in the fridge for him to mix all together :)

Hope he likes it!

Sneaky hiding spot...

We also have a tradition of making each other cards for special days (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), so I have become a master of the mini Art Attack (I hope all you 90s kids know my reference

It's time for a mini art attack!

 It's not a Valentine's Day card. I know, deceiving...

Question of the Day:

  • Have you ever organized a surprise for anyone? 

I have always loved surprises – and surprise parties are probs at the top of my list to experience/plan one day. One day...

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