Monday, 26 August 2013


Cloudy Monday

Hi friends, hope your mornings have been going well :)

It was a busy day at work today, lots of meetings and tasks to be tackled. Good thing I started it off right.


I had a solid bowl of oatmeal this morning with flax seed and blueberries. I didn’t realize that I was out of almond milk, so I had to use…real milk. Bleh. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like the taste of cow’s milk, or thinking of the fact that I’m drinking cow’s milk. Double bleh.

I realized that almond milk is clearly much sweeter than cow’s milk, since the blueberries made it just sweet enough. I clearly wasn’t thinking straight when I did my grocery haul on Sunday. I hate making extra trips back to the grocery store, but will have to make an exception in this case!


I brought a big salad beast with some BBQ’d trout. Such a treat!

I put the piece of trout on a bed of garden lettuce and local organic kale (since mine refused to grow this year. Frustration).

I find it’s a bit overwhelming having a pure kale salad, but having some other leafy greens in there to balance it out works lovely!

Cloudy Monday

It’s a bit of a blah day out today, but I decided to brave the clouds (rain clouds? Who knows…) and go for a walk at lunch. It was nice and fresh, and gave me a chance to unwind a bit.

Not even the fountain was going. Sad trombone.

Love me my (almost) daily lunch walks/runs during the week! I find that I am that much more productive when I return to work. 

There were ridiculously cute kids chasing the Canadian geese around the park down by the water, but I didn't take a picture. Because that would make me a creeper. Instead, I acted like a tourist and snapped pics of the geese....

 As for my workout tonight, I haven’t done a bodyrock/toneitup workout for a while, so I am going to bust this one out to do a little bit of fine toning tonight.