Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Goodbye Lunch

I went out for lunch with my team at work today to send off a lady who has been here for just about 3 years, who is moving on to another position. She is a wonderful colleague, a good mix of bubbly and sarcastic, who was my go-to for anything. She seriously knows everything. For serious.

It is sad to see her go, but I know that she will have fun in her new position!

We usually go to the same place every time we do something like this, but we decided to check out a new restaurant called Brut Cantina Sociale.
I had the duck confit veggie wrap with a side salad. So flipping good. I decided to leave my camera at the office since, well, everyone would totally call me out on taking a picture of my food!! Not ready to explain myself ;)

Anywho, now that I’m all stuffed like a little turkey, I’m going to go for a wee little run tonight to make up for it.

Hope you all have a wunderbar night! Any fun plans?

Food for thought: 


  1. I know the feeling! I met my hubby for lunch at Qdoba today and am feeling totally bloated now haha...shouldn't saved my spinning class for after lunch instead of before- might've made me feel a bit better!

    1. Awe, so much fun! Ya it's hard to say if its better to workout before to get the metabolism, or after to get rid of that bloated feeling.