Tuesday, 20 August 2013


My Version of 'Fat Camp'

Guten morning!

I woke up this morning feeling nice and refreshed, ready to tackle a new day :)

And it's a beauty out there!! 

Oatmeal. The best way to start the day!

Dinner Chez Andrew’s Moms

We went to Andrew’s mom’s place last night for a belated bday dinner. Her and Andrew’s stepdad are pretty much the cutest people ever. I love going over there for a) the delicious food she makes b) the fact that she always has dessert c) that I can practice my French, since they are both francophone. 

We had an amazing dinner of stuffed zucchini – kind of like stuffed peppers (ground beef, kidney beans, rice, tomatoes and spices) except she put the ‘stuffed’ part inside a HUGE zucchini that had been cut in half, with a bit of innards (sorry for the gross word) scooped out.

I obviously had to bring some for lunch today – she always insists on sending us home with leftovers and anything else she thinks we need. This time, it was a jug of avocado oil. Can’t wait to try it out!

We also had a delicious orange cake that she made, with my fav kind of icing. And yes. I officially have a favourite icing. That’s how good she is. 

 More leftovers.

I guess my vacation eating has carried on for a bit longer...

My Version of ‘Fat Camp’

My middle sister, Katie, is highlarious. We are very much opposite in most ways – she is loud an opinionated, whereas I am a bit more reserved – but I still loaf her :)

That's Katie in the middle, Emily on the left, me on the right

She is planning on doing ‘fat camp’ for the next two weeks, which essentially means that she is going to be eating a crazy vegan diet and exercising 6 days a week. ‘Cause she’s crazy cray like that. 

It was so funny because we ate at least one ice cream cone a day while we were out east. Every. Single. Day. I’m serious. A cone was only CAD$0.75. Every time we indulged, we just said “it’s okay, we’re doing fat camp when we get home!”

Ice cream. All the time.

Now, I have tried my fair share of diets. I have not quite got the courage to share my ‘diet’ story with you all yet, but lets just say yo-yo dieting and me are pretty good friends. 

I have learned that crash dieting is not and never will be a reality for me. No matter how much weight I lose, or how toned I feel at the end of a crazy restrictive diet, I never fail to put it right back on soon after. 

Instead, I am going to be focusing on what I can eat, rather than what I can’t eat. 

 What I should eat

What I should not keep in the house for a couple of weeks ;)

Anywho, after a full week of amazing eats and treats, I’m going to get back to some good old fashioned lean, clean and green (www.toneitup.com) meals and hopefully end up with a bit of a looser waist on my pants in a couple of weeks!

Workouts for the Week

Monday – Weighted workout (DONE!)
Tuesday – Run at work @ lunch
Wednesday – Yoga on the bridge
Thursday – Run
Friday – Weighted workout
Saturday – Long run
Sunday – Sunday funday!

Last night, I did an awesome circuit workout, similar to this one.

Weighted Circuit x 3
10 frog jumps (jump as far forward with both feet together)
15 push-ups (as many off your knees as possible)
30 mountain climbers
20 skaters (stay low!)
15 squats
20 kettlebell swings
20 dips (I did these on the floor, raising alternating legs when I dipped down and came up to table in between)
10 burpees
25 jumping jacks

Once I got all warmed up, I did a bit more abs

Abs Circuit x 2 

15 full sit-ups 
15 leg raises (on your back, lift legs to 90 degrees and push up to ceiling so bum lifts off ground)
30 bicycle situps
30 plank-to-knee (from high plank, bring your left knee to left elbow and back, then continue to alternate knees)
15 side plank dips LEFT (from high side plank - arm straight - dip bum down)
15 side plank dips RIGHT
15 chest raises (lying down with your belly on the ground, lift your chest up and hold for a few seconds and then release down)

Have a great morning! I should be back this afternoon with a recap post from Nova Scotia :)

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