Thursday, 8 August 2013


How To: Wrap a Wrap

Hope you all had a great morning, with some peppy morning music ;)

I think some people like more soothing music to wake up gradually, but I’m the type of person who wants to wake up with a YEAH! LET’S DO THIS! GONNA CONQUER THE DAY! Type of attitude. Obviously this doesn’t happen every day...mostly on Saturdays, when I blast some Stevie Wonder:

Gotta love Stevie!

Breakfast and Workout

I had a quick breakfast this morning - eggs and toast.

Largest piece of bread EVER - this was only half of it!

Sir Kit was lurking in the hopes of me dropping something for him to gobble up. Sometimes I swear he thinks he is a dog.

I brought my stuff so I could go for a run at lunch time – my night is filled with packing/hang-out-with-friends/volunteer time!! Crazy cray. 

If I didn’t do it now, I wouldn’t have done anything active today. So I decided to brave the heat and get out there!

And am I ever glad that I did :)

How to Wrap a Wrap

I didn’t have enough greens to make my usual salad beast for lunch today, so I made a nice wrap for myself.

Now, I’ve been to enough fajita parties to know that not everyone knows the trick for wrapping a wrap so the innards don’t spill out (sorry for the gross imagery) and you don’t get sauce all over you.
So, here’s a quick how-to on wrapping a wrap!

1 - Start with wrap open, filling in the middle in a line

2 - Fold bottom over

3 - Wrap one side over top

4 - Squeeze ever so slightly so inside is firm

 5 - Wrap all the way!

Now you don’t have ANY excuses for lazy wrapping ;)

Have a great afternoon! Any plans for this evening? Hope you are all experiencing the warmth that has finally graced the Ottawa region.

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