Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Where in the World are my Mom and Baby Sister??

I have been debating whether or not to share this information here on the blog, but I have decided to take the plunge after reading this post about Bo Ewan’s advice.

So, the real question is...

Where in the World are my Mom and Baby Sister??

Answer: Egypt

Now, you are probably thinking yourself – Oh, wow, how cool! Egypt! Pyramids! WAIT A SECOND, have they not picked up a newspaper in years?!? Hello, danger zone!!!

And, my friends, you would be correct.

I actually had this information in my post a few days ago about them leaving, but I went back and erased it. After seeing news reports of the countless lives that have been lost during the recent protests, I freaked out and decided I wasn’t ready to share this information with the world. I didn’t want to have to justify why they went, how they are doing, if they are safe, if they have a few bolts missing in their head, etc. 

Emsies, me and my Momster

But, I have received a few updates now from them, and they say that they feel safe where they are going to be living – which is outside of Cairo – and that they have been out walking on the streets, have found an apartment (which my sister says looks like a ‘mini Versailles’) and are generally loving life.


So, now you know. 

I am sending positive vibes to all who are in Egypt and to everyone who has loved ones there, and wish from the bottom of my heart that they all stay safe. 

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