Thursday, 1 August 2013


Rainy Day

Herro friends,

I had a bit of a slow day, feeling a bit tired from the impromptu festivities last night, but thankfully I was armed with a trifecta of caffeine and hydration goodness

Zico coconut water, latte flavoured. Saved me.


I brought a salad beast for lunch again today, with a big pear – can you see a pattern happening??

I am le obsessed. 

It is SO handy to have pre-made quinoa and salad fixings ready for me in the fridge so I can just throw it all together (before my morning coffee. I know, wild). Served with a healthy dose of dark chocolate :)

Rainy Day

I think my running plans for today have been squashed by the weather. The weather network is calling for crazy rain alllll day, and all I want to do is get in my pjs and curl up on the couchwith my book (currently reading ‘Clara Callan’). But there will be no lazing about for me tonight – my Dad, stepmom and (not so) little bro are coming down from London-town tonight, and the other bro and sis are coming down with my stepmom’s mom and husband (confusing enough?? Hehe it’s a messy family tree) so I will def have to tidy up a bit when I get home. That counts as a workout, riiight? Right. 

Me and my 'little' bro, Lukas

Although I went outside on my lunch break to run some errands, and realized it was market day near my work! I always forget, even though it happens every week at the same time…

And I picked up a lush basil plant - my plants in the garden aren't doing well this year for some reason, but I LURVE basil (and have a great basil hummus recipe that I'll post tomorrow) and this one was just screaming PICK ME PICK ME. So, naturally, I did.
Beauty basil
 Oh, and I had a WONDERFUL surprise call from one of my oldest and dearest friends Anneke, who has been in Beijing for about a year (more?). What with me not having internet or any type of functional communication technology, it is hard to get a convo in, but I’m always so happy to hear from her and her shenanigans ;) 

Question of the Afternoon:

  • Have you talked to a close friend that you haven’t seen in a while? Does it feel like only yesterday that you saw each other??
I have a few close friends who have dispersed around the globe in the past couple of years, but it feels like no time at all has passed whenever we get the chance to talk - loves it :)

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