Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Recap - Nova Scotia Part II

For my final recap post, I wanted to share some cool activities we did/places we went/things that happened :)


The closest town to our cottage is Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. It's a quaint little town, one in which I have spent a LOT of time since we came down every summer for at least a month.

It is filled with awesome sculptures, some of which my great Aunt made herself!

We also spent a lot of time down at the wharf, which is where our grandparents were renting a cottage. We did a little walk around it at low tide and got covered in mud. Fun times ;)

The Pier Restaurant. Good things are made here ;)

We also made it out to partridge Island, where the first settlement was made around Nova Scotia, which the Ottawa house stands as a memorial.

Wild heather, my mom's name :)

My fav little house!!

The Ottawa House Museum.

On the way, we stopped at the infamous rock shop. The owner, Sheldon, found the fossil of the smallest dinosaur on the beach near Two Islands, and it is home to a mini museum of fossils and tons of treasures!

Parrsboro is also a place where parking lot parties can, and do, happen.

We then found the hidden falls, a beautiful waterfall near Parrsboro. The water was FREEZING since it is from a fresh spring in the mountain, but it was gorgeous. We just had  to jump into the pool on top of the waterfall - it was so beautiful! And 'refreshing' aka heart-stopping-cold.


On our way to Halifax, we stopped at 'That Dutchman's Farm'. We stop here every year to pick up their amazingly delicious gouda cheese, and made some time to do the tour of the animals. Kind of like a pretty petting zoo with cute pathways in between.

A thing of nightmares. The emu. Blegh.

On our way, we stopped at a couple of little fishing villages. This is what I think of when I think of Nova Scotia - the boats in the harbour and the mountains of lobster traps.

Kind of like Value Village, only BETTER!

Antiquing. Obvi.

We made it up to my (great) Aunt Marilyn's, who makes the best blueberry pie around. She lives on a blueberry farm, and we always used to love visiting her place when we were kids! Still do ;)

Blueberry field


We were able to celebrate my Great Great Aunt Ena's 100th birthday as well. It's not every day that you see 100 on a birthday cake! She is amazingly mobile and with it for her age. Must be that great Nova Scotian air!

Such a cutie

And, finally, we dropped my Mom and little sister Emily off at the airport. It was a bit tearful, a bit scary to see them leave for so long (10 months!!), but I wish them the best during their travels.

I'm going to miss my little Emsies!

An oversize lobster and tartan to cheer us up ;)

And we obviously got lost in the parking garage. Go figure.

So, that's it folks! I could have bombarded you with SO MUCH MORE! You're welcome ;)

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