Saturday, 3 August 2013


Saturday Sweat Session

Howdy Folks!

Okay, not going to lie, I don’t think you would ever catch me saying that in real life…but doesn’t it just look good? Very fitting for a sunny Saturday morning in the summer, if you ask me :)

I have been neglecting my workout schedule a bit this week, what with my fam staying at my place and the less than ideal weather – we’ve been having a pretty cool/damp summer unfortunately, but hopefully August turns that around!

Planning on conquering this circuit today, no matter what the weather – I can do it inside, after all ;)

Superset A x 3 rounds back-to-back
12 x weighted squat
12 x pushup

Superset B x 3 rounds back-to-back
12 x elevated hip thrust (back propped up on a chair, feet on ground, thrust hips up to ceiling and let fall down to hover just above the floor)
12 x pull-ups (I put a strong broom handle across two chairs on either side of me when I lay on the ground, and pull my upper body up while knees are bent – harder is leaving legs straight)

Superset C x 3 rounds with 30sec rest in between
60secs forearm plank (to make it easier, take breaks after 20-30secs with knees on ground, just make sure your body is in a straight line)

Easy peasy. Juuuust kidding hehe.

Question of the Day:

  • Did you manage to squeeze in a sweat session today? Or did you take an active rest day?

My fav active rest day activity in the summer is either a beach day, with a couple of solid swims, or going for a bike ride through the village with my boyf <3

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