Friday, 9 August 2013


Special Dinner Plans

Hey there! Hope you’re all having a great afternoon :)

I had another wrap for lunch today, with veggie paté, cheese and garden kale.

Quick and easy lunch!

As promised, here’s what’s in the works for tonight...

...after I grocery shop to prep for tomorrow’s big drive! And pack the car. It’s going to be a busy one!

Special Dinner Plans

The benefit of us not having internet is that I can post surprises here and the boyf won’t find out. Sneaky, sneaky. 

I’m planning on taking Andrew to the Village House for an early birthday dinner tonight!

The Village House, Wakefield QC

But seriously, this is the BEST restaurant of life. The owners are wonderful people and never fail to give amazing service and delicious food in appropriate portions so that you actually want to eat dessert by the end. 

So friendly! So delicious! So wonderful!

Also, they have been known to surprise us with glasses of champagne on special occasions, like when Andrew took me there to congratulate me on getting accepted to law school

Patio: Summer bonus!

Since I am being a bad gf, due to circumstances beyond my control *ahem* Mom and sister leaving from Halifax for a year and my great Aunt out East turning 100(!!!), we are celebrating his bday early this year.

But don’t worry. I have other surprises in store for him – which I won’t post here until after he finds them juuuust in case he uses the internet in the meantime (unlikely).

Essential Cottage Items

Kit, my helper.

I started off very organized, with cute little piles for shirts, bottoms and sweaters.

So organized.

 And then things got a bit wild and I just kind of threw everything together...

Kit got a bit nervous with all the clothes flying around.

And started sulking in the corner.

I don’t feel that bad about it, though, since I’m driving out and don’t have to worry about luggage weight/how many bags I’m bringing/if things are falling out all over the place.

Otherwise I would be in trouble! 

Question of the Day:

  • Are you a super organized packer? Or do you leave it to the last minute?

I am a notorious late packer. When I went for my field exchange in East Africa a few years ago, I literally packed the morning before I flew off on the plane. The closest call was this past Christmas, when I packed a mere couple of hours before heading out to catch the plane to Dominican Republic. I wouldn’t overly recommend this ;)

Have a great weekend!!

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