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Snacks at the Printer

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Happy Friday!! Hope you are having an awesome day :)

For my last scheduled post of the week, I chose to deal with the main thing that messes up my food diary (aside from pre-dinner and post-dinner snacks, obvi): Fridays. Why is it that Fridays make it so much easier to slip up on food choices? I always feel like I do so well during the week, but come Friday – bring on the icecreampizzachipsdon’tcareitsdeliciousgetinmymouth.

For serious. 

Another thing that I constantly have to deal with is snacks at the printer. I know, poor me. Read on to see ways I have learned to 'deal' with it ;)

Focus On: Snacks at the Printer

Yes, we've all heard of the deadly printer/break room/kitchen/common room snacks. And, if you have ever worked an office job, you have no doubt come into contact with the best that I like to call the 'printer snacks'.

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Since I work with people who travel A LOT. Unfortunately, I am not on a permanent contract, so I am not able to go on field missions. Although, I did almost get sent to a Board Meeting in Saskatoon in the middle of February. My (almost) claim to fame ;)
Looks like Ottawa. Only colder.
Anywho, it is common courtesy to bring back a deliciously indulgent snack back for everyone in the office. Queue boxes of wonderful Lindt chocolate samplers (which I, obviously, need to try one each...every time), Turkish delight (my first time trying it - I always wondered what it was like from my childhood reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It's delish, in case you're wondering), truffles, Dutch black licorice, leftover cake, etc. In fact, there was a box of Timbits there just today.

My mouth watering just thinking about it.

All this to say, these extra little goodies, while delectable, do add up after a while. Actually, pretty dang fast with my constantly traveling coworkers haha. 

How to Deal with Printer Snacks:

Acknowledge the snacks. Take a small piece back to your desk. Only a piece, to satisfy the instant cravings that seeing such delicious things tends to create. If you try to simply ignore the Printer Snacks, the cravings may accumulate into a full-blown sweet/salty desperate run down to the nearest depanneur to buy ALL THE CHIPS AND CHOCOLATE BARS. Trust me, this isn't pretty.

So, just take a bit and appreciate the wee little snack if you know that this will stop the urge. I usually have a piece of gum afterwards to flush my tastebuds of the addictive sugary yumminess du jour, or have a little piece of fruit (which I always have stashed in my office drawer for this exact reason) so I can satisfy the need for sweetness, but actually get some nutrients in the process :)

Snack drawer. Essential to my life.

Question of the Afternoon:

  • Have you ever been exposed to Printer Snacks in the office? What did you do to conquer the cravings that these created? Were you able to *gasp* say NO or ignore the Printer Snacks?? What are your tactics?

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