Monday, 5 August 2013


Family Day Long Weekend

Good afternoon! Hope you are all having a great family day!!

Since I work on the Québec-side, we are all here...we get Saint-Jean off on June 24, so we don’t get the August long weekend. Mais, c’est la vie!


Andrew (my boyf) was back to work this morning, bright and early, so I was left to make my own breakfast after he ran out of the house at around 7am(!!). Did I mention that he makes my breaky and coffee almost every morning? I know, spoiled! But, in my defense, I make his lunch for him in exchange :)

Lunch and Workout

I managed to change my lunch up ever so slightly this morning, and replaced my go-to quinoa with...SALMON!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I have left-over salmon in the fridge :)

We had my Mom, Stepdad (I call him Dad) and my littlest sister Emily over for a salmon dinner last night since it was the last time that Andrew was going to see my Mom and Emily before they leave for Egypt! Crazy times. They are headed to the East Coast today (have a safe drive!!), where they will be leaving from Halifax in a couple of weeks. Andrew is unfortunately not able to come out with me and my fam, silly work getting in the way of life!

I woke up to this on the fridge this morning. Typical Emily ;)

Since I was inundated (I know, it’s a mouthful of a word) by family this weekend, I was a bit lax on the workout side of things – aside from attacking the mountains of weeds, of course, which is a workout in itself! The roots of the vines climbing the East side of the porch were CRAZY CRAY! Literally, I pulled out one piece that was longer than 8 feet. My muscles were feeling it this morning. 

You gotta love Mondays for getting you back on schedule though. Here’s what is in the works for tonight:

Circuit – 50 secs on, 10 secs rest, full circuit x 3

1 – Tuck abs
2 – Burpees
3 – Tricep dips & kick up foot (alternate L&R)
4 – Ski jumps (hands on the ground, feet together in plank position, jump feet up to left hand & back to center & jump to right hand & back)

Based on this workout.

Hope you enjoy your day off everyone! And for those who didn’t get it off, well, at least there wasn’t much traffic for the daily commute ;)

Question of the Afternoon:

  • What did you get up to on this fine Family Day long weekend??

I'm a bit sore about the whole "I have to work on the long weekend". No comment ;)

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