Thursday, 29 August 2013


Falling Asleep to 30 Rock

Good morning friends! Hope you are all doing well :)


I had another oatmeal-on-the-go this morning – I was busy packing and organizing last night, and I clearly didn’t give myself enough time this morning...I fell asleep watching 30 Rock. A colleague lent me the second season, and hot dang is it ever highlarious! So entertaining.

I also forgot to put this monster away in his bedroom. Even though he was frolicking outside allll day, he still had energy when I got back from work. 

His new favourite game: pounce on the grasshopper.

We put him in the back room with his kitty litter and food during the night since he is still too small (although probably ferocious enough) to be outside by himself all night. 

 He is vicious, but he is just so dang cute. Loaf him. 


I had a bit of a strange dinner last night. I had some left-over trout to fry up, and we still have billions (not an exagerration) of garden tomatoes and a couple of ripe I just kind of threw them all together. 

The trout was a bit too fishy tasting for me, so I added it to my tomato-avocado salad and added a dollop of spicy salsa (I wanted to add lemon, but had none left!) It looks pretty gnarly, but tasted freaking amazing! Kept me fueled through my pack/organize whirlwind!

 Kit was obviously lurking on the table, trying to get a piece of fish. Crazy guy haha.

Well, I’ll be back this afternoon with a BIG surprise for the weekend – have a great morning!!

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