Wednesday, 21 August 2013


On the Menu for Today: Yoga

It was a bit of a scorcher yesterday (and supposed to be even hotter out today, so excited! Summer, stay forever please) and all I wanted to do once I got home from work was jump in the river. ‘Our’ side of the river has full sun in the morning, but gets quite shady in the afternoon, so Andrew and I took a little boat trip across the river to some jumping rocks and hung out for a bit. 

It was such a nice way to cool off a bit! We even saw the moon peek out by the end. Gotta love a full moon. 

 We had absolutely no desire to cook anything by the time we got home. The house was a bit smelly from the fresh paint he put on the windows, but more on that little reno project later ;)

Bring on the new windows!

So...I extended my vacation eating for another day and indulged in a veggie burger at our local Billy’s restaurant. Friends of ours own it, so it always feels good to support a local business. And have some delicious eats!

At least I got a salad, right?!

On the Menu for Today: Yoga

I woke up to a bowl of overnight oats, covered with raspberries and unsweetened coconut shavings.

The boyf calls it mush, but I call it heaven.

I find that oatmeal gives me a bit of a boost whenever I’m feeling a bit tired, so I think I’m going to stay on the oats train for the next couple of days ‘til I get back into the swing of things. 

Did I mention Kit's now a full-blown teenager? He got paint all over his tail yesterday.

I went the easy route out this morning and brought the last of the leftovers from Andrew’s moms place. Gotta love it when you don’t have to assemble anything in the morning! Easy peasy. 

 He no longer fits on his fav perch

I’m super excited for my yoga class tonight. I’m going to the yoga on the bridge again, and everyone who is in the area should DEF join – it is so wonderful! Hearing the water rush under you, the cool river breeze...sigh. I am so ready for some zen time ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Any plans for tonight?? Whatever you do, make sure you stay cool, or have a good refreshing swim (or drink, whatever floats your boat) after any outside activity!

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