Friday, 9 August 2013



TGIF. Thank GAWD it’s FRIDAY!!

Hope you have all survived your week :) Work has been verrrry busy for me, so I am so so SO looking forward to this weekend!

Breakfast and Workout

I had another protein pancake this morning – I have them so often now, that it is super quick to throw together and shove in my face.

I had pre-cut berries from last night, so it was perfect!

I was planning on getting up early this morning to get in a solid workout, but we left the kitten ins our bedroom last night so I didn’t get a very solid sleep...

Such a sassy Kit

He is fine during the night, but as soon as it hits about 5am, he wants to attack ALL THE THINGS!
So I decided to hit the snooze button for a bit to make up for lost time!

I’m going to go for a walk at lunch today, and then I’m going to get in a quick workout when I get home tonight. I have some special plans for tonight, which I will share later :)

Circuit x 3

1 – 3 min jump rope (with a real or imaginary rope)
2 – Squat x 10
3 – Bicep curl x 10
4 – Push-up to stand and row x 10
5 – Tricep dips x 15
7 – Plie squat x 10
8 – Burpee x 10
9 – Squat jump x 10
10 – Lateral raise x 15

Inspired from


I had a good friend of mine over for dinner last night. We met on a field study semester in East Africa a few years ago – she was my first roommate on the trip! 

 Sarah and I, walking around Kibera Slum, Kenya

We were reminiscing how we actually slept in the same bed that first night because we only had one bug net in our room. Haha close from the very beginning ;)

Sarah's b-day shenanigans in Mbita, Kenya

It was a beautiful night, so we hung out down by the river and caught up. 

Mega Smile!

Pasta Salad

For dinner, we had an oldie but a goldie

We used to make this ALL the time, but have calmed down a bit this summer. It is literally a mixture of pasta and salad. I won’t take the credit for it – its one of Andrew’s concoctions :)

Pasta Salad

Egg noodles
Tomatoes, cut into cubes
Green onion, chopped into thin slices
Feta cheese
Your choice of fresh herbs (we used thyme)
Salt ‘n’ Pepper

And we finished it up with cut fruit...and whipped cream. From a can. Oops. 

My little dollop

Andrew's plate...

Have a great day! I’ll be back this afternoon with my special dinner plans :)

Question of the Day:

  • Have you ever tried a pasta-salad mixture? How did it work out for you?

I find it works best when the pasta is cooled so the greens and veggies don’t wilt. Bonus is that you could really use any pasta and veggie combo – time to experiment!

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