Thursday, 22 August 2013


Dinner and Yoga

Hello friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful night :) and hopefully everyone in the Ottawa region is staying dry – it’s raining down hard this morning!

 So much for my afternoon run.


I started out with a bit of a bland breakfast this morning or eggs and toast.

And then decided to jazz it up a bit with some spicy salsa. So delish!

Dinner and Yoga

We had a light dinner before yoga last night, everything (except or the feta, of course) came from our own garden! So fresh and flavourful! 

Kit joined us outside to enjoy the heat and try to attack all things that move. It is highlarious to watch him race after flies. Maybe he will catch one someday ;)

Anywho, I had a wonderful yoga session on the bridge last night. It was still pretty warm out, so there was a lot of people down by the rocks under the bridge, but it was kind of nice to have background noise mixed in with the rushing water beneath us.

I'm ready!


Just what the doctor ordered. A good stretch and a time to re-center a bit. It’s funny how vacation time can throw you off your schedule. It’s great to take the time to reconnect with yourself once you return home. 

The moon was so cool last night – obviously no picture can ever do it justice, but it was a bright shade of orange. 

We went down to our river sauna – literally a sauna floating on the river – that Andrew made. It looks a bit unfinished, but it gets the job done!

I went to bed feeling loosey goosey and let the rain lull me to sleep. Wonderful night all around :)

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