Friday, 2 August 2013


Family Visit

I went for a nice brisk walk at lunch today, and got to enjoy some of the amazing views of the capital

People enjoying the fountain

View of the National Art Gallery

 Museum of Civilization

Parliament Buildings

I came across some strange potted plants in soil. Removable garden?

I guess that works...

I had initially planned on going for a run today at lunch, but *things* kind of hit the fan at work, so I didn't have enough time. Sad face. But it was nice to get out and detach a bit from the craziness of last-minute requests.

Hey there little buddy!

My lunch was the same-old.

 It was a bit of a bitter-sweet afternoon, though, since it was my manager’s last day. He has been a huge help in my transition to my current position, which I have really appreciated. Also, we share a cubicle wall, so we have constantly talked loudly over the wall at each other (which is a common occurrence in our office haha) and he has been a great cubicle neighbour – his humour will be missed in the office! I wish him the best of luck for his posting to Addis, and look forward to getting to know my new manager :)

Family Visit

As you know, my Dad and my stepmom, Colleen, along with my two little brothers Lukas and Alec (although not my sister Dana, mega sad face) all came for a visit :)

Note: I use the term ‘little’ in the loosest way possible – they are all about a foot taller than me haha sad times

Lukas, Alec, Dana and I, 2012

Fun fact, my little bro used to call me ‘little nana’ and our Grandma ‘big nana’ – which she hated hahaha but he was so little he couldn’t pronounce ‘Anna’, and we called our Grandma ‘nana’, hence the ‘little nana’. So cute!

Question of the Day:

  • Do you have any plans with family or friends this weekend?

The gang is only here for the night, and will be heading out for a family reunion (on my stepmom’s side, so I’m off the hook) near Montreal after breakfast on Saturday morning. It’s great to get in a little visit whenever we can since we don’t live very close.

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