Saturday, 12 October 2013


Visit with Gram

Howdy folks!

Hope you are all enjoying the start to the thanksgiving long weekend :)

We tackled traffic and got into Port Perry at around 11pm. We stopped on the road in Perth, a cute little town along highway 7, and I don't think it has ever been so packed full of people!!

I got a big chicken salad. Strangely enough, it took longer for them to make than burger and fries. I guess there's not too many people ordering salads at Wendies ;)

We had a nice morning hanging out until my dad came to pick up Lukas. 

English muffin with crunchy peanut butter and fruit. I could have this for breakfast every morning an be a happy camper ;)

After our Gram got the turkey into the oven - she is such a pro cook, she already prepped all of the stuffing the night before - my sister and I went to the cute little downtown area of Port Perry for lunch. 

A delicious curried pumpkin soup and fresh tea biscuit. 

We loaf her :)

We also Skyped the rest of the fam in Egypt - they had just spent the day on a felucca, which is an Egyptian sailboat, on the Nile. 

Missing them!!! Thanksgiving is just not the same without our annual pumpkin pie baking extravaganza with my mom and sisters *sniff* we will just have to make due with one from the bakery...

We're just getting ready to head out the door to see the rest of the fam jam and celebrate my Gram's 75th bday!!

I'll make sure to post all of the delicious eats from tonight's feast :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian peeps!

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