Tuesday, 29 October 2013



Morning friends!

It was -5 degrees this morning for my bike ride in to work. I am starting to feel borderline crazy pants for biking, but I feel major solidarity with the rest of the crazy bikers out there. 

But, hey, at least its still sunny, amiright?

I bundled up with extra layers this morning and wore my neck warmer so that it covered the bottom half of my face. For reals. It worked, though, and I arrived to work without any frostbite ;)


Dinner last night was a bit lame, but one of my go-to quick dinners - pan-fried cod and mixed veggies with a (huge) dollop of dijon mustard. Oh yes. 


I did a pretty sweet HIIT workout last night - I was supposed to go for yoga with a friend of mine, but we have postponed it to Wednesday night. I was feeling a bit energized when I got home from work, so it was probably for the best - I just wanted to jump around a little bit. So I did ;)

Do each exercise for 50 seconds on, with a 10 second break before moving to the next

Switch Lunge and Front Kick – start in a lunge position, left leg back, and hands down by your right foot in front to stabilize yourself as you jump and switch your left leg in front and right leg back, stand up on your left leg (that is forward) and kick right leg up in front, go back down to lunge position and switch legs, continue to alternate lunge and kick

Half Burpee and Row – start in standing position and do a half burpee, reach down to the ground, jump back into a high plank, and then jump feet back up to hands, stand up with body bent forward and lift weight while pinching shoulder blades together in an upright row

Ax Choppers – start with weight down by left foot in your hand, in a squat position, and raise it across your torso up to the right, lower it down to your right foot into a squat position and then raise it up to the left, continue to alternate

Tricep Dip to Leg Raise – start on a solid chair or box with feet out in front and hands on surface with hands pointing forward as you dip down into a tricep dip, then put bum on chair and lift legs to horizontal in front of you (be careful that you are back enough on the chair so you don’t fall over ;)

Post-workout selfie

 I'm planning on going for a run at lunch today, probs just by myself so that I don't slow my work ladies running group down too much - I never know these days how my calf/foot is going to feel, so I've been taking it pretty easy and allow myself to walk if ever it starts hurting. Don't want to push through the pain - that's when injuries happen ;)

I have a physio date tonight where I have the joy of having another ART session. The joy of recovering from an injury! Take it from me, stretch and train properly, my friends, its worth it!!!

Have a great day!!

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