Thursday, 24 October 2013


10/24 What I Ate Wednesday

Guten morning!

I don't know about you guys, but whoever is living in the Ottawa area - is it just me, or has it gotten increasingly more freezing outside in the past couple of days? I was bundled for my bike ride this morning, but it still felt chilly. Too early for a balaclava?

After my physio appointment yesterday, my calf/foot is feeling a bit tender today, but definitely feeling much more loosey goosey and stretched out, in a good way :)

What I Ate Wednesday

Here's a little looksy at a full day of eats for me. This is from yesterday since, well, I've only had breakfast and coffee so far today, so yeah.


I had another egg, lettuce and spicy salsa wrap for breakfast. I skyped my friend in Japan early in the morning, and our conversation ran a little bit longer (as per usual - I can never get enough! Miss her face SO MUCH, can't wait to see her in person again) and this was the fastest option...and delicious :)


 My morning snack was cottage cheese and raspberries. Strange? Maybe. Delicious? ABSOLUTELY!

I was super weirded out by cottage cheese for a loooong time, something about the texture...I can't even think about it now. Anyway, I was reintroduced to it with fruit - I started eating it with cut-up grapes and loved it! I find that when its mixed with something else - fruit or veggies - you don't really notice the weird texture as much. Which is good, because thinking about it gives me the shivers.

Also, it is super high in protein and gets me through the mid-morning snacking urge.


I've continued my regular salad beast ways. This was a mixture of lettuce and kale, with brown rice, feta, and chickpeas with a drizzle of olive oil and pepper. So simple, but so satisfying!

...not going to lie, I also had a piece of dark chocolate. Or three. Sometimes you just need a little bit of sweetness after a meal, amiright?


I knew that I was going to be getting home a bit late from my physio appointment, so I had a larger afternoon snack than usual. Apple, dried dates and almonds. Can you tell I need to go grocery shopping again? Would have loved to have some veggies and hummus.


I had a hearty bowl of butternut squash soup that I made the other day - I love when I can come home and not have to worry about cooking anything and just heat something up quickly. Especially when I have been undergoing torture, I mean ART, for about an hour(!!)


So, I managed to stay quite close to what I would ideally eat in a day, except I kind of slipped into snack attack mode when I got home from my physio appointment and caught up on New Girl episodes. Oops?

I dug into the snacks that I received from my foodie penpal - we aren't supposed to show them off until the end of the month, but my penpal sent me some amazingly delicious snacks!! Aaand I almost ate them all already haha self control, who needs it?

Hope you all have a great day, I'll be back again tonight with a wee little HIIT workout :)

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