Friday, 25 October 2013


My List of Happiness

Hi friends!

How are things? Do you have any plans for the weekend?? I am going for dins with one of my besties tonight, we're treating ourselves: her for doing SUPER AWESOME on her exam (because she will) and me...for making it through the week?

Great success!

My List of Happiness

I was perusing the internet the other day, as I do most days [letsbehonest, I work in an office. My face is plugged into a computer screen for at least 8 hours a day, if not more...depending on how many tv shows I am 'catching up on' ;)] and I stumbled across this article: 8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have, along with Lisa Lately's list and Cupcakes and Cashmere's version.

And I thought, what the heck - why not take a stab at it?

[Possible trigger warning for people living with depression or mental illness. Please proceed with caution and care xo]

1. A Go-To Drink

Gin and soda with two limes, please. You no have? I will settle for vino any day :) 

2. A Go-To Karaoke Song

Sweet Home Alabama or Proud Mary. And no, I don’t come from the south. I just happen to like to shake my booty and croon out these wonderful lyrics. 

"...rolling, rolling down the riverrrr"

"sweet home Alabama...doo do do do dooo...lord, I'm coming home to you" (but not really. I've never actually been)

3. A Uniform

My friend (also named Anna) ALWAYS calls me out on the fact that I never really like to wear pants. Instead, you will usually find me in a pair of black leggings, a colourful tank top, and a loosey goosey long sleeve and a pair of flats. Heels and I don’t really get along, which is a shame since I am such a shorty. Maybe someday!  

4. A Go-To Movie or Book

Oh the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss – I keep this book on my bedside table (or use it under my laptop when its on my bed, which is always. Supposedly having your laptop on soft surfaces isn’t good for the fan, and my old white Mac notebook is pushing 5 years so it typically sounds like a small airplane taking off. I like to minimize this as much as possible)

Legally Blonde – Make fun of me as much as you want, but I have always found this movie strangely inspiring. Whenever I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life during my undergrad years, I would watch this (*ahem* procrastinate) and somehow feel so much better about myself. It seems so fitting that I will be going to law school next year :) I’ll just have to work on the blonde part…my hair has slowly transformed into a shade of brown. Le sad face.

5. An Exercise Regime

Exciting news folks – I went for my first run today since I stressed my peroneal tendon (according to my physio) about 3 weeks ago, and it felt awesome!!

I ran along the Ottawa river on the Quebec side today, so beautiful!

Running selfies are clearly a work in progress...

I usually run 2-3 times a week, along with yoga, pilates, and HIIT workouts. I am a fan of trying out new workouts, though, and have been known to dabble in zumba, rock climbing or rowing :)

6. A Hobby

You’re reading it. No, seriously. You are.

7. A Best Friend

What’s that saying again, that you only know who your true friends are when you go through difficult times? I am so blessed to have some amazing ladies in my life, who have supported me through my ups and downs. I am so thankful to have my close group of friends, and so happy that I am reconnecting with old friends.

Would it be tacky to also say that my Mom and sisters are also my besties? Because they are. I miss going for long walks with my Momster, and miss my secret hand shakes with my little sister (we are the masters of funky handshakes, in case you didn’t know…). I am so thankful that I have my other sister around and glad that we have been able to hang out more one-on-one recently, and so pumped that my little bro is living so close now!

*sniff* SO TRUE

8. A Healthy Sense of Self

This one kind of comes and goes, but I am continually working towards being in tune with who I am and what I want most out of life and what steps I need to get in order to get there. After going through a lot of life changes during the past little while, I think that I am getting closer every day to creating a more solid sense of self.

Strike an #AnnaPose

Hope you all have a loverly evening, and let me know what you would put on YOUR list of happiness!

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