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10/18 Friday Faves

Good afternoon lovelies, hope you are all enjoying your Friday :)

I honestly can't believe how fast this week zoomed by - I'm not sure if it was because work has been crazy busy, or if I've been doing lots of activities at night, but I guess having one less day in the work week definitely makes a HUGE difference!

I like it.


I’ve been biking in to work almost every day this week (okay, so 3 days) and have been doing a LOT of lower body workouts this week so far, so I’m going to try and do an abs workout tonight.

Also, I’m going dancing later tonight with some girlfriends...that counts as cardio, right??

I’m actually wondering what I’m going to wear on my feet tonight. I’ve been wearing my grandma running shoes everywhere lately to support my gimpy foot, so it will be a bit strange to wear actual shoes for has this become an issue in my life??

Anyway, here’s an awesome plank workout that targets your abs like no other. Enjoy ;)

Plank Abs Workout
Inspired by fitnessista’s plank workout

Classic High Plank (30 sec to 1min) – you can also modify this to be on your forearms or on your knees

High Plank See-Saw (30 sec to 1 min) – start in high plank position and push with your feet to move your body forward and back, like a see-saw

Side Plank Right (30 sec to 1 min)

Forearm Plank with Hip Drops (30 sec to 1 min) – start in a forearm plan position and alternate dropping first your right hip down to the ground to hover above the floor, and then your left

Drunken Chicken (30 sec to 1 min) – start in a high plank position and drop your right arm to a forearm position and then your left, and then push right arm back into high plank position and your left, continue to alternate down and up

Side Plank Left (30 sec to 1 min)

Friday Faves

Lululemon Tank

As some of you know, I used to work at lululemon. For the record, it is a wonderful place to work – they are incredibly supportive of their staff, provide a lot of opportunities for personal growth, including goal coaching, and also have high expectations for their staff to be proactive and be involved in the business.

Also, they have amazing clothes.

When I worked at the store in Montreal, my coworkers and I used to joke about how we were kind of like volunteers in fancy spandex – it was so easy to just spend your whole paycheck on the amazing things that were always coming in!

‘I mean, I already have this style of tank, but I luuuurve this new pop pink colour!’

That happened.

Anyway, in a moment of weakness the other day, as I was daydreaming about my upcoming trip to warmer climate countries, I found myself perusing through the

And then...BAM! I saw my fav tank top back in stock, in my size, in the functional colour black.

Which, to be fair, I have been on the look-out for about 3 years. Every time I see someone else wearing it at a yoga class or in the gym, I am always SO JEALOUS. So, I took initiative, and I bought it without even thinking twice. Because, I’m going to use it, like, every day for the next couple months...amiright?!

Needless to say, I am SO EXCITED to get it in the mail, just in time for my return to the yoga studio in November :)

[Mom and Dad – don’t bother looking at the price tag. Consider it a discount therapy session]

Can you tell I don’t go shopping that much anymore?? I don’t even know how its possible to get this excited for a tank top. I mean, not just any tank top, but one that I’ve been wanting for about a million years...yep, its scary.

Fruit Spray Nozzle

This is seriously a thing. I saw one in a store near my grandparents place on thanksgiving weekend, and almost freaked out. It’s such a great idea!

It would be awesome to spray on salads, on fish, or to jazz up a glass of water. I usually juice my lemons first and then pour it onto my fish before baking it, but this would be a much better way of getting a more evenly coated

Freshly-Baked Work Treats

Here is the subject line of an email I got yesterday: Who needs memos, when you can have BREAD?!

I mean, really. How am I supposed to resist freshly-made bread, croissants, chocolate chip cookies, or cinnamon rolls that are left by the printer? Because I can’t.

As a backgrounder, a co-worker’s wife has been taking a baking course at le Cordon Bleu (which he just informed us will last for another 3 months...going to have to purchase some new pants at this rate) and since it is just the two of them at home, she has been promptly dropping off all of the delicious goodies that she makes pretty much right after they come out of the oven.

And, let me tell you, we are all very eager taste-testers. It is a bit of a stampede to the printer every time that the email goes out about what we get to taste every day. My tactic is just to have a small taste so that the extra calories don’t add up too much.

Although, I have to admit, I went back for seconds on croissant day ;)

Question of the Day:

  • What are your tactics for dealing with free treats at work?

Mine is to have a little taste, otherwise I feel like I am denying myself and usually end up eating more in its better just to try a little bite ;)

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