Tuesday, 15 October 2013


10/15 Workouts for the Week

Good afternoon everyone!

How is the return to work after the [Canadian] Thanksgiving long weekend? I actually managed to get up on time this morning and didn’t rely on my old friend the snooze button too much...I even had time for some meditation! I’m going to try and take some time every morning to do this, I will keep you updated on how it goes ;)

Workouts for the Week

After a full weekend of indulging, I am going to focus on doing some HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts this week to help my body deal with all of the extra turkey and desserts that I consumed (inhaled?) this weekend.

In addition to the workouts below, I’m going to continue to bike into work as much as I can (aka – when its not pouring rain, because I am a wimp) and go for a half hour walk at lunch time. My foot is still not 100% and I’m hoping to go see a physiotherapist at some point this week to try and get some stretches/strengthening exercises so that I am able to maybe sneak in a few runs before white fluffy stuff starts to fall from the sky. (And, yes, as a true Canadian, I am still in denial that this will be happening sooner than later).

Tuesday – Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout
Do each exercise for 50 seconds and then take 10 seconds rest before moving on to the next. Do the full circuit a total of 2 or 3 times. Inspired by this Bodyrock workout

1. Backwards Lunge & Twiststar at front of your mat and reach right leg back to a lunge, making sure front knee is bent at 90o angle above your heel, and twist torso towards your bent left knee, return to standing and continue to alternate knees

2. 10 Mountain Climbers & Push-Up – make sure you keep your back flat during mountain climbers, do push-up on knees or full body

3. Wide Leg Squat and Shoulder Press – keep legs wide with feet turned out at 45o angle from your body, squat low while holding onto weight and continue raising arms with weight as you stand up to a shoulder press above your head, can do this without weight as well

4. Bent-Over Row – stand with slight bend in your knees with your torso tilted forward and arms straight down with a weight in your hands and squeeze shoulder blades together as you raise weight towards your chest

5. Sumo Squat and Leg Liftstand with your feet very wide with feet out at 45o angle from your body, squat low and raise right foot out to the side as you stand up and continue to alternate raising legs

6. Tricep Dips and Bridge – start on the ground (bum down) with your hands beneath your shoulders and hands facing forwards and your feet hip width apart on the ground, dip down using your triceps while raising your left foot, and then come up and push your bum up to the ceiling into a bridge, continue to alternate raising feet

Wednesday – Pilates

Thursday – HIIT Workout

Friday – Swim (more info to come later this week!!)

Saturday – Yoga

Sunday – Swim 

Funny story – I started planning this out for a full week even though its already Tuesday...OOPS!! Gotta love short work weeks ;)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. HAPPY Thanksgiving to you! I cannot wait until I can celebrate my Thanksgiving! :D

    1. Thanksgiving is one of my favs, you'll have it in just over a month ;)