Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Craft Night: Inspiration Boards

Morning friends!

Happy Hump Day!! [For an incredibly awkward definition, see my post here]

Craft Night: Inspiration Boards

I had a craft night with my friend Laura last night. And, yes, this officially makes us the cutest people of all time.

But not as cute as this little guy.

I have been wanting to make an inspiration board for about a billion years, and FINALLY said enough is enough - I'ma make one!

Turns out I wasn't the only one who felt this way :)

I brought over a bunch of old (and new) magazines to get the inspiration juices flowing. And no, I don't mean vino.

Okay fine. Vino was involved :)

So, armed with a pile of old magazines, a box full of arts supplies, and some dance music, we got to work!

I brainstormed and came up with some overarching goals to highlight in my inspiration board:
  • Travel: I have some pretty epic travel plans coming up, and I am SO excited to get out into the world again!!
  • Fitness: I have been loving my active lifestyle recently (minus the whole gimp foot) and I want to continue to prioritize fitness in my weekly schedule :)
  • School: I'm starting law school in September 2014, and while I'm a bit nervous (law school isn't, like, hard...right??) I'm also really excited for this next step and I want to make the most of it!!
  • Photography: I am loving this little space of the interweb to share my love of all things fitness, food and fun, and want to start upping the ante in terms of the pictures that I share on my blog. This may involve a new camera...meep!!
  • Yoga: It has been my dream to take a yoga teacher training course...we shall see if that transpires in the near future :)
  • Meditation: I have been trying to meditate a little bit everyday, and want to continue to grow my practice. I find it really helps, especially when things at work and in life start getting a bit crazy, to re-center myself and be able to deal with issues a bit more level-headed.
  • Cook: I have never been very confident in the kitchen, but I am starting to get a bit better in terms of not needing to follow a recipe word-for-word. I want to continue to experiment with new ingredients and flavours and, of course, share it with you all!

The end product:

Sylvester wanted to check it out too...

A job well done!!

Question of the Day:

  • Have you ever made an inspiration board? Do you think that they are helpful in 

I guess I'll have to wait and see if it gives me a bit of extra motivation to give'r and achieve my goals :)

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    1. Maw samesies chica!! But I'll see you this weekend :D