Monday, 21 October 2013


10/21 Fitness for the Week

Hello friends!

Happy Monday morning to you all :)

I made the trek to the Montreal Trudeau airport yesterday to see a friend en route from Vancouver to India to do her yoga teacher training course – so glad that I was able to see her! She is such a beautiful person inside and out, and I have no doubt that she is going to have an amazing time on her travels and be a bomb diggity yoga teacher!

[As a side note, I was TOTALLY waiting at the international arrivals gate and didn’t even realize that they distinguish between international and domestic arrival gates. Thankfully I clued in (after an embarrassing amount of time) that Vancouver was not on the list and then saw the blatant ‘USA and International Arrivals’ sign that I was standing underneath. Minor blonde moment]

I then snuck back over to the international arrivals gate and collected mi padre. I found him wandering around in his cargo shorts. We blasted the heat on the way home in the car ;)

It was awesome hearing about all of his Egypt adventures, and I can’t wait to head off for Christmas to see my Mom and little sister!!!

Fitness for the Week

My foot is FINALLY feeling well enough to do real workouts now, although not 100% better in terms of me being able to go outside for a run yet. Sad trombone. But, I’m going to do a HIIT-focused week to get back into the swing of things – I was having a bit of a hard time biking to work last week since I have been out of commission for a couple of weeks.

Its time to step it up in terms of cardio, my fav :)

Monday – Full Body Workout

I woke up early this morning (I know, shocking) and did my routine from last Monday. I didn’t have the brain power to think up another routine ;)

Tuesday – Pilates

Wednesday – HIIT (high intensity interval training) Workout

Thursday – Yoga

Friday – HIIT & Cardio

Saturday – Yoga

Sunday – Cardio

Question of the Day:

  • What’s on your fitness schedule for the week?
I'ma be riding the cardio train!

Have a great day everyone!