Thursday, 31 October 2013


Happy Halloween!

Morning friends!


Although, if you walked around my office right now, you would have NO IDEA that it was Halloween. We are all le lame. 

Also, for the record, I didn't even carve this pumpkin. BUT I will be dressing up more than once this week, so that makes up for it...amiright?!


I was running late (as per usual) this morning, so I threw together a smoothie to brighten the gloomy morning:

Almond milk
Hemp protein powder
Ground flax seed

It was yummy and satisfying, and only took me about 2 minutes to prepare. Perfection ;)


As I mentioned yesterday, I went for a power yoga date with a friend of mine at Rama Lotus last night. I was a bit nervous that it would be too much considering my ART physio appointment the night before, but it was exactly what I needed - some strengthening poses and a heck of a lot of stretching in a heated room.

HOWEVER I need to be real with you all. I was totally in the mood to have some good zen time, focus on my breathing and whatnot, and was in a good frame of mind when the class started, but then this guy - a very burly, clearly gym-going, iron-pumping man - barges (yes, BARGES) into the room late and plops his stuff down beside me. I don't usually have beef with people who quietly and calmly come in the room late, but this guy proceeded to be the biggest distraction OF MY LIFE the entire class. And, I think its fair to say, kind of ruined the whole experience for me. He was the type of person who would just do his own thing, not follow the sequence, and was the most jittery person of all time - I couldn't help but notice this since I was constantly seeing him bob in and out of poses (you are meant to hold a pose, and not bob in-and-out of it like a frigging energizer bunny). Case in point - during a flow from high plank to chaturanga to upward dog, he would make sure to get in about a dozen pushups in between.


I realize this is really harsh, and usually I don't have any judgments of what other people are doing during a yoga class, but it starts to be my issue when your fidgety-ness affects my experience in the class. How am I supposed to focus on being present and breathing when there is a HUGE man bouncing all over his mat right beside me for an hour and a half?! Seriously, I ask you.

Anyway, we decided to go for Vietnamese pho afterwards and discuss the fact that if we were the owners of the studio, that man would DEF be on our black list.

Because pho makes everything better. 

I will be back later this afternoon with a post about a surprise that I got in the mail...veeeery scaaaary (but not really, mostly just delicious)

Have a great afternoon!

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