Friday, 4 October 2013


10/4 What I'm Loving Friday

Hey, hey, it’s...FRIDAY!!

I have to tell you all about my total freak-out moment. I was doing some updates on the blog – adding some widgets (if you don’t know what these are, no worries – I didn’t before, and I don’t think my life is overly improved now that I do...) to show related posts and so readers can go to previous & next posts at the bottom of the page (handy, no?).

Which involved doing things in HTML. Which is a total mystery to me.

So, I’m typing away, feeling like some sort of pro formatter, when all of a sudden I realize my ENTIRE blog is now in html. Meaning no pictures, just letters. I almost had a heart attack.

But, all is well now on the ol’ blog and I am a bit scared to ever try to update it by myself ever again(!!) without the help of a techy friend...or five.

What I’m Loving Friday

I am LOVING the weather that we’ve been having recently, it warms my heart :)

The perfect mixture of cool and warm

Scotch Nail Polish


I have been on the look-out for a more natural and non-toxic version of nail polish, and FINALLY stumbled upon Scotch Naturals nail polish - and they have super cute colours to boot!

I need these in my life. ASAP.

Hand-Held Blender


Its no secret that I’m becoming a bit of a soup-aholic [see my recent recipes here and here] so this little guy is pretty much my best friend as far as kitchen appliances go.

And yes, I realize this makes me a total grandma. But I embrace it ;)

Foodie Penpals

The Lean Green Bean

I just signed up to be a foodie penpal, hosted by the Lean Green Bean, and I am SO excited to know who my penpal is going to be!!

Essentially, its a penpal system that allows people to exchange $15 worth of fun and healthy snacks (according to your penpal’s food allergies and dietary preferences, if they have any). I’m excited to find some new snack options at my local health food store for my penpal!! Any suggestions of snacks that I can send??

Hope you all have a great day!

Question of the Day:

  • Do you have any plans for the weekend? Or do you work on the weekends?

I used to work pretty much every weekend until about a year ago when I entered the land of 9 to 5 office jobs. Since then, I have embraced the concept of a weekend whole-heartedly ;)

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  1. Hey there! I stopped by from Lulu's linkup party because I am also a fitness fan :) Did you take that photo of the green/pink wall of ivy yourself? It's gorgeous!! Love the idea of a foodie penpal system - have fun with it!!


    1. Hey Bailey, thanks for stopping by! Ya, the ivy is on a building close to my place, I love the fall colours! I'll give an update on how my first foodie penpal switch goes :)

      xo Anna