Friday, 11 October 2013


10/11 Friday Faves

Hi friends, happy FRIDAY!!!

There's nothing quite like the feeling that you get on the Friday before a long weekend - it is Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, so I have three glorious days off that will be filled with family, friends, and...lots and lots of driving. 

But, hey, at least I'll have an awesome co-pilot 

Katie and I at her graduation, we both like looking at cameras. Not.

And some sweet beats provided by my lil' brosef aka DJ extraordinaire.

Friday Faves


I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of pilates this week. Like, everyday [ see this post for abs and butt workout vids].

I have been doing a lot of the blogilates videos to target certain areas without aggravating my foot (its still pretty sensitive), and then went to a class with a friend of mine at the University of Ottawa last night for a total body toning class.

And, boy, do those moves catch up with you!

I start off all like – yeah, whatevs, I can do this. And then we continue to do them for way longer than I expect and I feel like my muscles are dying.

Loves it.

Oregano Oil

I have been (slightly unsuccessfully) trying to fight off a cold for the past week, and this bad boy is my secret weapon:

oregano oil

It also comes in pill form, but I prefer the oil – take 5 drops of this in the morning and at night and you’re good to go! It is a natural disinfectant, so it kills any bacteria in the throat.

The directions say to put the drops in a glass of agua, but I just drop them directly on my tongue and then take a big gulp of water (or five) since it is so concentrated and kind of burns the throat. I find that when I put it in a glass of water, it gets on my lips and kind of hurts, which is no muy bueno.


I came home one day this week to see this sitting on my kitchen table.

And it felt like Christmas came early!! For reals.

My roomie bought the juicer when it came on sale at the Bay, and we have been trying it out a little bit this week – nothing but awesome in my opinion!

Juicer in action: we filled a pot

I mean, granted, it does sound a bit like an airplane taking off whenever someone uses it, but it is ridiculously easy to clean since all of the tricky-to-clean parts are dishwasher safe (and we are blessed with a sketchy but functioning dishwasher at our place).

Question of the Day:

  • Do you have a juicer? Any pros or cons? Any model that you would recommend?

Since I’ve only used this one, I am not sure if its the best out there, but for the reasonable price tag I would say it is amazing!!

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    1. Hey Lindsay, thanks for spreading the link-up love :)

      Happy Thanksgiving!