Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Bodyrock 5 Day Challenge

Hey friends, hope all is well with you tonight :)

I stayed at work late, again, doing more reports. Happy dance. And then I had the coldest bike ride home of LIFE. It was so windy and chilly...but, really, I can't complain. We have been so lucky with the fall weather this year, I have to embrace it.

How I wish I was that guy, running along
(...in the least creepy way possible...)

Soaking up the semi-warm sun rays on my afternoon walk :)


I've decided to do the Bodyrock 5 day challenge to jump-start my return to a full workout schedule now that my foot is feeling a bit better :)

I only did 3 rounds - I know, such a wimp - and was sweating buckets by the end. Short and sweet, my friends. Enjoy!

Bodyrock 5 Day Challenge, Day 1
Inspired by Bodyrock’s 5 Day Challenge 

Do each exercise for 50 seconds work, 10 seconds break before moving on to the next. Do this circuit 3 or 4 times through

1. Burpee with Push-Up

2. Dive Bombers – start in a downward dog position and slowly move towards an upwards dog position, using your triceps, as if there was a bar above your head & shoulder area that you are trying to duck underneath

3. Alternating Spider Push-Ups – start in a high plank position and lift your right leg towards your right elbow as you come down to a push-up position, return leg as you come up, lift left leg to left elbow as you come down for another push-up, and continue to alternate

4. Crab Touch – start in a table top position with your feet and hands on the ground, bum down, and alternate reaching your left hand to your right foot over your body, and then your right hand to your left foot, keeping your bum off the ground the entire time

I was a shiny mess by the end, but it felt good to jump around and get my heart rate up a bit!

Yay for post-workout selfies!


I had a bowl of hearty, warm butternut squash soup [recipe to come tomorrow!] and watched New Girl. I literally laugh out loud to that show. Fills me with warm and fuzzies.

Hope you all have a great night!

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