Friday, 18 October 2013


Dinner at Café Nostalgica

Morning friends!! How is it already Friday?!?

Gawd, I love short work weeks :)

Dinner at Café Nostalgica

I met up with an old co-worker of mine (she’s not old, but, you know, we don’t currently work together...) who I worked with back in the day during my first student co-op term with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), which has been amalgamated into Foreign Affairs is now known as DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development), pronounced DEE-FAT-DEE, which is where I now work.

Best acronym ever? I think so.

All this to say, it was really nice meeting up with her, its been too long!

Pics from back in the day when we were students working together 
and we snuck into a meeting with Ban Ki Moon ;)

We went to the grad student restaurant at the University of Ottawa. I am used to McGill University’s campus filled with uber expensive cafs, where the only cheaper option was Tim Hortons. Which usually had line ups about a billion people long near midterm season.

Aaanyway, it was great to catch up.

Although the 'restaurant' left something to be desired. We sat down and the server said that it had switched to the night menu, which made sense since it was nighttime. He said that there was 'nachos, fries, poutine and stuff' and then left. When he finally came back, I asked to see a menu and he said "there is literally only nachos, fries or poutine".

That makes two nights this week that I had nachos. Oh boy.

We then went over to Foreign Affairs headquarters so she could show me around her new job a bit. So fancy and wonderful!

 Love the flags. I always feel so important whenever I go to this building for a meeting, it is definitely a bit snazzier than my work building. We are known as being the 'hippy' side of DFATD. Foreign Affairs is definitely home of the 'suits'.

I'm surprised they let me in the front doors with my dorky grandma running shoes on ;)

Yes, for the record, this is my idea of fun. Going to work at night for a visit. Not even joking. I will one day work day!

Anyway, I'll be back later this afternoon with some things I'm loving lately...have a great morning!!!

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