Monday, 14 October 2013



Morning friends! Anyone else have the day off? I am loving the fact that I have an extra day to see one of my besties at her condo in Toronto and still get home in time for turkey dinner #3. 

Yes, we might have been a bit over zealous this year. We are eating enough for the rest of our fam in Egypt ;)

Had a delicious turkey feast last night at Dannie's place - she is officially a cooker extraordinaire!!

She gave the dinner a hash tag #foxgiving. Everyone who knows Mr Fox knows why ;)

And even had a dessert table. 

Pumpkin pie. In and around my mouth. 

We had a leisurely breakfast of pumpkin pie. Because, why not?

The view from their new condo is amazing. Wish I lived closer - want to do this every weekend!!

But, alas, we have to get back on the road. 

Til next time, Toronto. 

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