Thursday, 17 October 2013


Re-Energizing Juice

Morning friends!

I am feeling much more chipper this morning :)

I had a low-key night and got to bed nice and early, and got up early enough to do a bit of meditation AND eat my breakfast at home before heading to work.

Not the prettiest, but delish - eggs and toast with hummus

I have been getting into this bad habit of just prepping my breakfast and not giving myself enough time to eat it before barreling out the door to bike to work (or catch a bus like I did this morning due to the threat of rain...sad face). I forgot how much I lurve getting up and eating right away - I can become a bit hangry otherwise (Mixture of hungry and angry. No es muy bueno).

Re-Energizing Juice

I feel like I am coming late to the juicing game, but I finally got up the courage to make my very own juice and not rely on my roommates' delicious juice concoctions.

I looked up 're-energizing juice with carrots' online, and about a billion recipes popped up. Naturally, I was instantly overwhelmed, so I decided to just wing it.

And it worked out amazingly well!

Juicer in action. Not to be confused with a plane taking off with all the noise it makes.

Such a cool colour!

Frothy goodness

The leftover pulp is surprisingly dry - which means the juicer is doing its job right ;)

I stirred it up a bit and took a swig. It wasn't overpoweringly carrot-y, with a slight hint of ginger. 

Loves it. 

It's not spaghetti sauce. I know, deceiving ;)

Re-Energizing Juice


4 carrots
2 medium apples
2 broccoli stems
½ lemon
2 inches ginger


Cut carrots and broccoli stems into large chunks, and core apples.

Peel lemon rind off (I did this just in case – not sure it is necessary) and ginger (again, not sure if this is necessary, but I did it so that the blades could have a bit of a break)

Slowly add fruit and veggies to juicer using the poker stick (very technical term) to make sure the pieces do not go flying all over the place in your kitchen (true story…)

Stir and enjoy!

You can drink right away or leave in a closed container in the fridge for a few days.

Question of the Day:

  • Have you tried juicing before? Love it or hate it?

I am officially addicted. I want to juice all the things. 

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