Thursday, 10 October 2013


[Modified] Lower Body Workout

Hi friends! Welcome to the day before Friday! Also known as Thursday-before-the-long-weekend. Can you tell I’m excited for a long weekend filled with turkey and pumpkin pie?!

Because I am.

[Modified] Lower Body Workout

I feel like I’ve been moaning about it for about a billion years, but my foot-related woes continue. I’ve been trying to still fit in some ab and arms workouts, but I have been avoiding most lower body workouts since they tend to put a bit too much pressure on my foot.

I have come up with a modified lower body workout to get around my frustration of not being able to do much of anything with my sore foot, try it out!!

[Modified] Lower Body Workout
Do this circuit 3 or 4 times, doing the exercises continuously without breaks in between. Do 25 repetitions each.

1. Table Top Leg Press (Right) – start in a table top position with your arms under your shoulders and knees under your hips, straighten your right leg straight out behind you so its parallel to the floor and bend your leg towards your butt, squeeze, and then straighten

2. Table Top Leg Lift (Right) – start in table top position and your right leg straight out behind you and lift your leg to 45 degrees towards the ceiling, squeeze, and straighten back out to parallel

3. Table Top Side Leg Lift (Right) – start in a table top position and bring your right leg straight out to the right with the right toe resting on the ground, lift leg towards the ceiling, squeeze, and then lower

4. Table Top Leg Press (Left)

5. Table Top Leg Lift (Left)

6. Table Top Side Leg Lift (Left)

7. Lateral Scissors – start on your back with legs lifted straight up to the ceiling, open legs to the sides as wide as you can and then bring back together, crossing left over the right, open again and then squeeze together right over left, keep alternating

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