Friday, 13 September 2013


What I’m Loving Fridays

Thank Gawd It’s FRIDAY!! I have a pretty full weekend booked with lots of girlfriend time :) 

What I’m Loving Fridays

I have just recently discovered ‘link-ups’ for bloggers, so I’m linking up with a few bloggers for What I’m Loving Fridays! See the link below for all of the lovely ladies who are sharing some love on this beautiful Friday afternoon.

As for me, here’s my little list of recent loves:

Bikram Yoga

I went again. I actually ended up getting a week-long beginners pass when I went for my first class a few days ago since it was only a few dollars more for the full week instead of only one class.

This girl always appreciates a good deal ;)

I gave my body a full day to recoup from my first class since I hadn’t done a lot of those postures for a long while, but I couldn’t help but go back again with one of my roomies again last night.

As I mentioned in my Focus On: Bikram Yoga post, I get addicted to it.

Loves it!!

Live Music

What with my time at the Ottawa Folk Festival [link] last weekend, where I saw the Avett Brothers:

So Good

I also hit up a show some friends from college, the Cardboard Crowns [link], were playing last night for a local radio station’s Big Money Shot [link] where they are competing. Anyway, they made it to the semi-final round, so I wanted to show my support. And they were awesome!

Check out one of their songs. Although its not the type of music that I usually listen to, they put on a great show. Way to go guys!

Check them out HERE


Okay, so I know its tacky to re-post Friday favorites, but I just had to!

My new main man, Henry.

Is it too much to name a bike? I know he is quite feminine looking, but Henry is really reliable (when he is filled with air), and although he is a bit unstable at times, he’s really going places.

Teehee. Bike jokes.

I’ve been biking into work almost every day this week (when it hasn’t been pouring rain) and I am officially obsessed. Fingers crossed I can continue doing so until at least the end of October!

Winter biking is def not for me.


Surprise Flowers

My girlfriend brought these for me the other day. Insta-awesome :)

Maxi Dresses

I realize this makes me WAY behind the times, but I have only recently gotten on this whole maxi dress bandwagon.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome they are earlier?!

Here are some that I’ve been eyeing lately, thinking about going wild and getting another one.

#1 - Forever 21, #2 - Forever 21, #3 - J Crew

And pretty much any maxi dress from the Victoria’s Secret site 

Question of the Day:

  • What’s your recent love? Any new piece of clothing that you didn’t know how you lived without before discovering it??

Have a great rest of your Friday, and I will be back this weekend with updates on some fun activities that I have planned!

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  1. I love the bike buried in the snow, great pict.


    1. I know right?! So good. Thanks for checking out my blog, Rosalyn :)