Sunday, 8 September 2013


Ottawa Folk Festival 2013

Hey friends,

Its so weird being able to write a post whenever I feel like at midnight when I am too excited to fall asleep after watching an AMAZING show.

Ottawa Folk Festival 2013

After a bit of a late night yesterday at a friend's place (okay, understatement of the year...I didn't wake up until noon today), I took it easy and hung out with a few friends today and walked around to a few garage sales in the area. I got an awesome mirror for $3. Great success.

It looked kind of like it was about to rain all day, but I decided to suck it up and head out to meet some friends at the Ottawa Folk Festival at Hog's Back Park.

So I busted out the ol' bike and rode along the Rideau Canal

Bike selfie (I forgot my helmet at work - I swear I will usually wear one!!)

Such a beautiful ride!

The vendors outside the festival grounds

Where all the magic happens

Chris Hadfield. A surprisingly good singer, with very witty space jokes.

When asked whether he was sad that he would never be able to go back to space, he gave a really interesting and quite an inspiring answer. He mentioned how he did not want to regret anything in his life or look back on the past with sadness. Instead, he wants to constantly appreciate the present and look to the future for all of its new adventures that it holds.

He was clearly talking to me ;)

A house to colour

Pad thai. With spicy sauce. 

The Folk Festival is smaller than bluesfest, so I noticed that there was a lot of initiatives to make it as green as possible, with free water bottles being given away, all of the food stands used reusable plates, and there was recycling bins everywhere. Loves it!

A really blurry picture of Hey Ocean. A very lively and fun band!

The Sheepdogs in the distance. A solid oldies rock band.

The Avett Brothers, the headliners for the night

Started off with a cool acrobatic show first. The moves this girl could make...crazy pants

If you haven't listened to them already, just do it. Seriously. 

My bike ride home was very wet. A got SOAKED!

Also, the bike path along the canal is close to the road at parts, so a couple of taxis completely sprayed me from head to toe when they went through a puddle near me.

Ah well. I made it home safe, and was on a music high from the night. It was actually my first time checking out the Folk Festival, and I would definitely go again! The location is awesome, and I really enjoyed all of the acts.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and I will be back tomorrow with my exercise and meal plan for the week!

Question of the Weekend:

  • What is your favourite music festival? I have to admit that Osheaga in Montreal is still my fav :)

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