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09/27 What I'm Loving Friday

Welcome to Friday folks. A wonderful day that bridges me, a 9-to-5 worker extraordinaire, to the wonderful world that we like to call weekends. Where you sleep in (if you're lucky), ignore all responsibilities of having to do work (again, if you're lucky), and have fun times!

I try to have a strict no-bringing-work-home rule with myself, which I actually manage to enforce most of the time (when crazy reports aren't taking over my life at work...) so that I have 'down time' with friends, family, and a good book (or tv show, lets be honest) over the weekend

I don't have any plans to run a half marathon out of the blue this weekend (you're welcome legs), but my Dad and co are coming down for a last-minute trip - so excited to see them! I may also partake in birthday shenanigans for a friend's bday.

Watch out world.

What I'm Loving Friday

Okay, so my Mom kind of brought me back to reality with my last Friday faves post [link].

She said that it was a bit more materialistic than I am usually (I think her words were 'how are you my daughter?? Don't you remember your time in east Africa?!), so I have decided to highlight a couple of initiatives that I would feel 100% AWESOME about supporting with my well-earned cash-monay.

You're welcome Momster ;)

Tom's Shoes

My Toms are getting a bit beat up, but I still loaf them. Long time.

I remember telling a coworker about Tom's, after she noticed me wearing them (casual Fridays should also be added to this list...). I mentioned how, with every purchase of a pair of Tom's shoes, they provide a pair of shoes for a child in a developing country. She kind of scoffed at the idea, saying that she had been in Sudan when a random load of mismatched adults shoes had landed to try and 'help the children', but I told her that this organization was legit.

And they are. I mean, they still have to make their bottom-line, but if that also means a few million shoes for children who need them in order to go to school and reduce the amount of diseases that they contract on the way, I'm all for it.

Also, they have a surprising amount of arch support. For reals. Try them on. You won't regret it :)

10 Trees

I only recently heard about this clothing line, but I am already a fan.

Doesn't this sweatshirt look comfy??

For every piece of clothing purchased, they plant 10 trees. That's pretty awesome.

Dinners in the Gatineau Hills

This view makes my heart sing. I am so blessed to have grown up in this area, and so lucky to be able to come back for dinners with family and good family friends!!

 Even beautiful in the morning, with the mist coming off the Gatineau river. Mystical, wonderful.

Coffee in Bed

This happened.

Not only did I spend the night in a loft bed, but I was also delivered a cappucino - you heard me, CAPPUCINO, none of that drip coffee nonsense -in bed. Best wake-up of life!

Any ideas of an environmentally-friendly espresso maker? Because that could be happening in my life pretty dang soon.

Question of the Day:

  • What is your fav company that truly embodies corporate social responsibility?

For all my peeps à Montreal, my fav is the restaurant Robin des Bois on St-Lauren, which is a not-for-profit restaurant that is primarily run by volunteers. Added bonus: you can 'buy your plate' and smash it against a wall. Also, they have karaoke on Valentines Day. One word: fantastique!

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