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Organic Week {& Star Struck by Bloggers}

So, I had a total freak-out moment yesterday when I realized that a couple of bloggers that I have been following for a while, Fannetastic Food and PB Fingers, are doing a PR tour in my own backyard - Chelsea and Wakefield, QC.

Fingers crossed I will casually run into them on the that creepy? Okay, maybe a little. But still, I am start struck via twitter.

Yes. Star struck by fitness bloggers. This is what my life has come to ;)

Organic Week 

So, I realize the week is almost over (can you tell I'm excited to bust out the TGIF tomorrow...??) but in the spirit of Organic Week, I wanted to share some of my staple organic fares:



So, I don't actually drink cows milk. I never really did, even as a child. I don't really like the taste, and the whole concept just freaks me out in general. So, I always opt for soy milk or almond milk in my coffee.

I do, however, love yogurt. I've been on a serious Greek yogurt bender for the past year or so, and I find it is the perfect mid-morning snack or breakfast option on the run. I have heard that ladies in particular are more sensitive to the hormones found in non-organic milk products, so this is one area that I always splurge.

Your welcome body.


I am a banana monster. I know, I know, 'Anna banana'. Ha ha, very funny. [Read this post before you try calling me that the next time we see each other...I may cry] but I always opt for organic bananas due to the better working environment that is associated to organic banana plantations. I do try to buy more produce that is in-season locally, but bananas have become a pretty staple part of my diet, so any little thing that I can do to make my purchase work for workers rights where they are grown, I am down.

Leafy Greens

Greens are always feature on the list of 'dirty dozen' for a reason: pesticides are sprayed directly on their surface and it is very difficult (if not impossible) to get rid of all traces of it simply by rinsing the leaves before making a beautiful salad beast out of them


Therefore, I always get my greens from the organic section - yep, my grocery store has a whole section for organic produce, diary products, and general boxed/canned goods. LOVES IT!

Anyway, as I was saying, I make sure to buy organic kale, spinach or lettuce to make my salad beasts that much more healthy for me :)

Protein Powder

I haven't been using protein powder as much as the summer months since I have not been making as many smoothies - its funny how the cooler weather always correlates with a steep decline in smoothie-making and sharp include of soups in my kitchen.


I used to use a whey-based protein powder, but found that it was a bit hard on my stomach. I switched over to hemp protein powder (pictured above) about a year ago, and I have had no problems with it so far! Other than the fact that it has a greenish/brownish colouring to it (which makes green smoothies REALLY green) it doesn't have a very powerful taste, so I love adding it to smoothies (obvi), protein pancakes and my oatmeal from time to time when I need a bit of an extra protein boost.


This is one area where I would like to improve. My goal is to use only organic and completely natural cosmetics and hygiene products, including: face wash, face cream, body lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, blush, foundation, deodorant and mascara.

Any suggestions?!? 

Again, to find out more information about Organic Week Canada, which is September 21-28, check out the website here!!

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