Monday, 30 September 2013


09/30 Marvelous in My Monday

Hi All,

Hope you are all having a great Monday so far :)

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Marvelous in My Monday

This is my first attempt at this type of post, so bear with me.

Things I am thankful for:
  • My apartment and my amazing new roomies, they are all so lovely and nice!
  • Fresh garden veggies from my Dad’s garden – has anyone heard of sun choke’s?? Kind of like a Canadian version of a potato that looks like ginger? I’m going to try and find something to do with it tonight...
  • Long chats with family and friends :)
  • My new foot accessory 

Its a beauty, and a terrific conversation-starter ;)

Gimpy-Foot Abs Workout

Since I am a bit of a gimp in the foot department for a while (maybe I’ll miraculously wake up tomorrow and feel 100% better? One can only hope ;) here is an ab circuit that I did last night – feel the burn!!

Gimpy-Foot Abs Workout

You can use this as a circuit workout and do each exercise for a total of 50 seconds on with 10 seconds rest in between for two or three rounds and feel extra awesome – I did it twice through and did the repetitions as seen below

1 – Rock  the boat (x30) – balance on your bottom as you sit up with your back straight and arms out front making a Charlie’s Angels fake gun, with your legs crossed, knees in the air and toes on the ground, move your torso side to side as you touch your hands to the ground on the left side of your booty to the right

2 – Lean back (x30) – Lean with me, rock with me? Lift your feet off the ground, sitting with you back straight up, and keep your arms stretched out to the front as you lean back to the right and then to the left, kind of like a gimpy see saw

3 – Crunches (x15) – Lie on your back and lift your legs straight to the ceiling and lift your upper back up in a crunch

4 – Opposite crunches (x15) – Lie on your back and place your hands under your bottom and lift your legs together and push them to the ceiling and come down

5 – Scissors (x30) – Alternate lifting one leg as the opposite goes down to the ground, keep your upper torso off the ground and grab each leg as you lift it towards your chest

6 – Circles (x5) – Lie on your back with your feet together and pointed up in the air and draw a BIG circle slowly five times to the right, then five times to the left

7 – Back lifts (x15) – To balance your abs and back muscles, lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders and lift your chest and arms off the ground – be careful you don’t put too much pressure on your lower back