Saturday, 28 September 2013


A Beautiful Fall, I Mean Summer, Day

Oh my goodness, how amazing was it outside today in Ottawa??


I met up with my Dad, Stepmom, two 'little' bros (who are about fifty feet taller than me at this point...) and a French exchange student who is staying at their place. His name is Jeremie and he is adorable.

We spent the day walking around Ottawa, going down to the locks by the Ottawa River - and actually saw a boat coming through them! It must take them about two hours to go through, it was painfully slow to watch them do only one.

We walked around to the Parliament buildings, came back through the Byward market area and then went to a pub near my little bro's residence for an early dinner/late lunch. Linner?

I then chauffered the fam to the Quebec side and we checked out the changing leaves at the Champlain Lookout in Chelsea.

Never get sick of this place!

Hope you are all enjoying this freakishly summer-like weather we're having!!

Lovin' life :)

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