Thursday, 5 September 2013


New York, New York

Hey guys,

So, at long last, here are some (okay, a LOT) of pics from my time in New York.

Pre-Bus Ride Shots. Because why not.

Our friends' Mom's place in the Upper West Side. And the cutest dog alive (sorry Bella)

She has a backyard. A backyard!!

BMWs tell you how to park. I need one of these!!

Central Park

The Hostess with the Mostess!

There was about 3 separate weddings that we saw here

Funniest busker show ever.


The food, the food in New York! Gawd, it seemed like we could pick no bad place...everything was perfect. Zero exaggeration. For serious.

The Hummus Place. Their hummus tastes like velvet.

They also have the coolest bathrooms ever.

Forty Carrots Froyo. This is a small.

Dinner at our friend, Yael's. Minimizing our costs a bit ;)

Tofu and salad. Yes please.

Cafe Le Colombe. Best freaking iced latte of all time.

And a sugarless cookie, obvi.

Where the magic happens - Magnolia Bakery

Westville has the best side dishes! I had their summer quinoa salad, roasted tofu in soya sauce, asparagus, and brussel sprouts. So fresh and delicious.

Brunch at 7A

No street meat for us this trip ;)

Godiva chocolates. 

Our final dinner out, we treated ourselves to Rosemary's in Greenwich Village. Highly recommend it!!!

 Homemade cheese and handrolled pasta. Heck yes.

Frozen chocolate tarte with hazelnut coating

Walking Around

We did SO MUCH walking around in so many areas during our short time in NYC, it was amazing! Yael was the perfect tour guide and told us all about the different areas. I loved it!

Upper West Side

Highest grossing Apple Store, open 24 hours

Piano in a park near NYU.

Only in New York (I hope)

Bixies! Made me think of Mtl :)

The Highline

The Standard Hotel, home of the Boom Boom Room 

Tracks of the Highline turned into a park

Meat Packing District

The coolest yoga space ever.


Streets of Soho

Street blocked off for a game of bball. No big d.

The Subway, aka - Sauna.

Gorgeous apartment building.

SHopping happened. Nothing like a little retail therapy ;)


The Modern Museum of Mordern Art. Perfect way to wrap up a post about NYC.

Part of the Soundings exhibit

The sculpture garden

Yeah, we're artsy.

Can I move here? Like, now? Mkay thanks ;)

My biggest dream would be to do a posting at the United Ntions in NYC and live here for 6 months to a year - any longer and I might be bankrupt. Well, 'til next time New York!


  1. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! Come visit TO and do a post :)

    1. Glad you liked it :) And I'm planning on coming to TO soon!! Any places I should go?