Thursday, 5 September 2013


09/02 Fitness for the Week(end)

Guten morning friends!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Ottawa, helped me wake up a bit easier this morning :)

I still need to figure out the bus schedules, though. And get a bus pass for that matter. When did the bus start costing so much money?? Clearly I have been living outside of the city for much too long...

I was in a bit of a rush this morning, so I grabbed this MONSTER croissant 

Pastry-induced happiness.

Fitness for Week(end)

Since I was gone for the long weekend and then had a bit of a crazy beginning of the week, I realized I never even posted my fitness schedule for the week!

So, here it is for the rest of the week(end):

Thursday: Walk home and tabata workout

Friday: Bike into work and Run at Lunchtime with ma work ladies

Saturday: Long bike ride around my new area (weather permitting) and possibly a yoga class :)

 A nearby park I found on my walk home yesterday!

Sunday: Runday

Have a great day!! Any workout plans for tonight/this weekend??

I prooomise I'll be back later today with pics from NYC. I hope they live up to all of this build-up ;)

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