Thursday, 12 September 2013


Sandy Hill Lounge Grill

Morning friends!

I hope you all had a great night :)

I had these views on my way into work this morning:

 Turns out, it only rained (POURED) late at night last night – my poor roomie got stuck in the downpour on her way back from work at a restaurant downtown – so I managed to go for a run at lunch.

And, man, was it ever hot outside!

The weather network was predicting a ‘feels like 40oC’ on Tuesday, but it was actually quite chilly. So, I assumed that the ‘feels like 35oC’ yesterday was just another over-exaggeration.

It wasn’t.

But I survived :)

Sandy Hill Lounge Grill

I met up with an old co-worker for dinner, who had SO MANY calls about cat sightings, but none of them were for reals. Mega sad face. I hope he comes home soon.

 Seen this guy? Let me know!

Anyway, we went to this awesome little pub in my area called the Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill


It had the best atmosphere, cheap drinks and eats, and was packed! We managed to get the last table by the window and just caught up for hours. It was perfect!

We had a mixture of ‘small plates’ (aka – not small at all) and I had a salad with jalapeno dressing (warning: spicy), and sweet potato fries, and she had the crab cakes and spinach dip. I obviously forgot my camera at home, but I was really impressed with it – it was really good quality for pub food!


Breakfast & Lunch

I woke up a bit late this morning, story of my life these days.I honestly have really good intentions, but then I just revert back to the snooze button and then things really get out of control...I will just have to start going to bed earlier!!

Anyway, I didn't have much left in terms of groceries, so I threw together a 2 egg wrap with some lettuce and salsa.

I put together another 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' salad, with lettuce, kale, brown rice, feta and some cut-up veggie burger and a drizzle of olive oil.

Simple yet delicious.


I miss pushups. And squats. So I’ma bust out this little circuit below tonight to get my heart pumping and wake up my muscles a bit. They have had a bit of a vacay the past couple of weeks ;)

Circuit x 2
Complete each exercise for 50 seconds, then give yourself 10 seconds rest before moving on to the next

1 – Jumping Jacks
2 – Squats holding a weight to increase the intensity
3 – Push-Ups
4 – Bicycle Crunches
5 – Burpees
6 – Alternating Backwards Lunges
7 – Tricep Dips do this on the edge of a chair or a hard surface, come to 90o angle with your arms
8 – High Knees alternate jumping your knees up to your waist height, like a soccer star
9 – Bicep curls
10 – Plank

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