Sunday, 1 September 2013


NYC - Day Two

Hello friends!

Hope you are having all sorts of adventures over the long weekend!

We had another fun-packed day yesterday. After getting up, we went to grab coffee at Le Colombe, the best freaking coffee shop I have EVER experience. Holy jeeze. We then walked over to Soho, west village, and everywhere in between...too many areas to remember! 

We walked along the high line, which is close to (in?) the meat packing district, which is a gorgeous little park that the mayor of NYC decided to create on the old train tracks there. The coolest architecture. 

We then went to the Ishta yoga studio for an amazing yoga class. Felt so good. We then got some dinner at the Westville in TriBeCa. It is known for its awesomely fresh side dishes, which we had to take advantage of.  We got to try a bunch of different ones, they were all so good i couldnt decide on which one is my fav ;)

Our friend was hosting a party on her roof, so we got it all prepped and put up Christmas lights and got our dranks. We met a bunch of her friends, which we so nice and welcoming. It was really cool to hear about all the different areas of the city that they live. This place is crazy expensive, so it's interesting to hear about how they make it work. We all hung out on her apartment and enjoyed the breeze, and then decided to go out dancing again at a place a couple of blocks away in the East Village. We had a blast dancing the night away!

We got up late again today, aiming to hit up a fancy restaurant for dinner tonight while she goes to her friends engagement party in the Upper West Side. 

Love this city!! 

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