Thursday, 7 November 2013


Tea Time

Guten morning!

Well, closer to the afternoon, really. I hope that you are all doing well :)

I woke up a bit early this morning (although not as early as I had planned...I hit my snooze button a few too many times) to have a skype date with my friend in Japan. My upcoming travels are slowly starting to take shape - so exciting!!

I cooked up a bowl of oatmeal with hemp protein powder thrown in the mix with some raspberries on top. I finished the last of my quiche yesterday, so it was back to the usual breakfast for me. Oatmeal is one of my favs, so I don't mind :)


I didn't have much time last night for a workout, this whole walking home business takes WAY longer than biking, but I guess I'll get used to it. I decided to do a couple of Fitnessista ab workouts - let me know if you try them out! They are short and sweet, but you definitely feel it in your core afterwards.

I rounded it out with a couple of burpees to get in some cardio. Fun times ;)

Tea Time

My little brosef came over for dinner last night. Guess what we had? You got it, chili.

Chili for days. 

As expected, he helped me finish it up so I don't have to eat it for yet another day. As delicious as it was, a girl can only have chili so many days in a row...

Afterwards, as per usual, was tea time. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but my Dad's side of the family are hardcore (yes, hardcore) tea people. Whenever I go for a visit, it is guaranteed that we will hang out for hours in the kitchen over many cups of tea. So, to carry on the tradition, my little bro and I generally end our visits with a nice cup'o'tea and chat about life.

We had some unfortunate news about a death in the family, so we chat about that for a while. My condolences goes out to everyone in the London area - wish I could be there in person, but know that I am there in spirit. Sending lots of love from afar xoxo

With that, hope you all have a wonderful day and send a little bit of love to those that you hold dear to your heart, you never know what life has in store for us.

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