Thursday, 21 November 2013


Rasmusson Visit

Hi all!

Hope you all had wonderful Thursday :)

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Elisabeth Rasmusson today, who is the Assistant Executive Director of  the UN World Food Programme (WFP). I was coordinating her schedule with her assistant, so it was super amazing to finally meet with her and hear updates about WFP's response to the Philippines, the crisis in Syria and the region, as well as recent private-sector partnerships that WFP has initiated.

I let my inner international relations dorkiness shine ;)

Here is a picture of her [in the middle with the yellow scarf] at an event yesterday with representatives from the Micronutrient Initiative, EarthGroup, Tilda, DSM, McCann Global Health and BSAF, along with some colleagues of mine, including the Assistant Deputy Minister for my branch, Diane Jacovella [lady with the awesome power skirt suit, curly hair and pearl necklace].

So, after a rare moment of relief that I had finally conquered something on my to-do list, it was back to business for me ;)


I did another HIIT workout tonight. Woot. Check it out here.

Also, my roomie and I now have a challenge going where we do 100 sit-ups when we get up and 100 sit-ups before bed. Because...why not?!

Food for Thought:

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