Thursday, 21 November 2013


Oatmeal for Days

Morning friends!

I had a skype date with my friend in Japan this morning, bright'n'early. It was great to hash out a few of the details for my upcoming trip with her - its handy that she knows how to navigate the Japanese airplane websites ;)

I'll be giving a bit of an update on my travel plans later today...getting excited / nervous / scared / PUMPED!

Oatmeal for Days

I didn't do groceries yesterday. Oops.

Right in the peanut butter jar :)

Oatmeal for breaky again today. Hopefully it will keep me powered up for the whole morning - Elisabeth Rasmusson, the Assistant Executive Director for WFP (the UN World Food Programme) is visiting our office later this morning, and I have been coordinating her meetings...fingers crossed everything runs smoothly!

I'll be back tonight with an update on my travel plans and a recap from the day - is it ridiculous that I'm excited to meet her?! Dorky international relations moment :)

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