Thursday, 14 November 2013


Grown-Up Fire Alarm

Hi friends,

So...anyone joining me for the meditation challenge?! It's better late than never!

The centering thought from the meditation today was "Abundance flows easily and freely to me", with the mantra Sat Chit Ananda (Existence, consciousness, bliss). Doesn't that just make you want to meditation the heck out of that mantra?! I feel the same way ;)


I did a bit of a double-whammy today. I got up and felt like doing a little bit of something to get my heart pumping since I had a sneaking suspicion that I would be tied to my desk again today (spoiler alert: I was right) so I busted out the following:

30 squats
20 push-ups
30 sit-ups
1 min forearm plank
1 min wall sit
20 foreward lunges
100 jumping jacks

I stayed at work a bit late again today to finish up some Philippines stuff - my entire unit has a kind of hum to it from everyone busy with everything that has to do with Canada's response to Typhoon Haiyan - and only left at around 6:30. I was feeling a bit sluggish, so I had a nice power walk home.

Nothing like a cold walk with some good tunes to wake you up ;)

I had a quick snack when I got home, and then I did another bodyrock rep workout.

40 squats
30 full sit-ups (with feet elevated on a stability ball or chair)
20 push-ups
3 minute 'skip' (I don't have a jump rope, so I pretended...)
40 forward lunges
60 mountain climbers
20 push-ups
3 minute 'skip'
40 burpees 
30 bicycle abs
20 dive bombers

I did it in 19:50 - the burpees were the ones that killed me since I did a tuck jump in between each one, so I would do 10 in a row and have a little break. Let me know if you can beat my time ;)

Sweaty mess, messy room

Grown-Up Fire Alarm

When I came into work this morning and saw a pamphlet on my desk that had the heading 'EMERGENCY ESCAPE ROUTE' this morning, I had a feeling I knew what was in store for us today.

A grown-up fire alarm.

I'm glad I had some sort of warning since I had SO MUCH to do today, so I was running around like a bit of a mad woman trying to get as much done as possible before we were all forced out of the building and into the cold for an unknown amount of time. You can tell that your unit is busy when people start muttering something along the lines of 'can I just ignore the fire alarm and stay at my desk...its not like its a real fire, or anything' under their breath.

Anyway, it happened. And all of my fellow government workers were ushered out of the building and into the cold. I took it like a champ and went to a nearby coffee shop and chatted with some coworkers to pass the time. 

Slightly blurry pre-work selfie

Just a note to whoever organizes these things: please don't make us all leave the building in the middle of a crisis response, and please have the decency of doing it during the summer months next time. Preferably on a beautiful sunny day. Mkay thanksss

Hope you all have a great evening - I'm going to go cuddle up and watch a girly movie. The best way to re-coop after a mentally draining day.

A bientot!

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