Monday, 11 November 2013


11/11 Pics from the Weekend

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Remembrance Day. I had the day off, so I took it easy and did a bit of organizing and prep for the week. I'll be back later tonight with my fitness plans for the week. In the meantime, here's a couple of snaps from my weekend in Toronto :)

My friend made a zebra cake. Pinterest for the win!

A bit of bubbly to celebrate :) 

Twinsies, walking around the city

The entrance to my friend's condo building. So chic!

Sadie's Diner, where soy milk comes in cute little personal serving size
and the beet juice is the bomb diggity 

Breakfast burrito 

Some casual breakfast reading

We got our nails done. 

We got all gushied up and went out on the town! 

Which involved many group selfies, obvi

Me and the bday girl, goofing around ;)

We had dinner at Chantecler, which was the most amazing experience ever. 
Honestly, every single thing that we tried was a taste explosion.
I could not recommend it more!!

One last breakfast at Fran's before we had to leave *sniff*

Group hugs aren't just for elementary school children...

Miss these ladies already!

We braved the ride share again on the way home - Bahman thankfully took it easy this time and we made the trip in a reasonable four hours instead of three and a half. 

It was a packed van on the way back to Ottawa, stopping once for gas. It was a tight squeeze!

He even had wifi for us. Such an awesome man!

I decided to pull on my running shoes and strap on my handy-dandy backpack to run over to a friend's place for dinner - two birds, one stone amiright?!

She fed me delicious coconut milk and beef curry that she had all the time in South East Asia - makes me excited for the food that I will be having on my travels! I have never ventured into the land of curry-making...but I might have a recipe coming at you on the blog tomorrow - stay tuned!!

Have a great evening :)

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